Seller Services (Real Estate Listings)

Today there’s more power in a keyboard than a megaphone or an open-house for that matter. Real estate marketing changed and it did so at quite a rapid pace. Newspapers went out of business and yet still agents throw money into the wrong place “because it makes their seller happy”. In my market plan, the focus on making you happy is reaching the Largest possible audience of buyers for your home and getting the most qualified most committed buyer to the table to purchase your home for ever penny the market shall bear. 

My Job

Your Job

My job is to evaluate our market and more specifically your neighborhood so I know what prices similar homes have been selling for. Then we have an honest discussion about your house in comparison to others in the market so we can find the most accurate selling price for your home. 

After we go through the evaluation and listing paperwork, it’s “go time” for me. I need time in the house for professional photos, 360 photos, Zillow walk through videos, measurements and more. There will be signs, brochures, face-book ads, good adwords, good old fashioned faxing to other offices, calls, open houses and more. My job is to tell the world about your home. 

Your job is to pretend you’re on a high dollar home seller show. Know that you’re moving and leave no stone unturned. Start in the big areas but don’t stuff the junk into a closet, they’re going to open them. They’re going to open the refrigerator, as a matter of fact the more interested they are in giving you money for the house the more things they’re going to open. Sure, you may have outgrown the house but if you give off the impression that the house is too small, they too will think it is too small for them. Everything goes, down to the refrigerator magnets. The house needs to look as close to a model as you can get it. No one is asking for pre-sale remodel but removing clutter and dirt the best zero cost item you can do to sell your house faster and for more money.