Landlord Services

For years people have referred to me as the “Rental King”.  It’s not that I work with renters as much as I spent a lot of time with landlords. Some very experienced and others on their first investment. The paperwork on a rental is easy but only until you have a tenant stop paying, go to court, slip or in some other way step outside the contract. I didn’t set out to be called “The Rental King” but I was dedicated to make sure all my landlords had proper paperwork. In that same process I learned quite a bit about repairs, paints, carpets and everything need to keep a unit a maximum efficiency. 

Listings & Marketing

Extended Services

My goal is to be your listing agent and with that in mind I bring it to the the max on all my rentals. I provide high quality photos, video walk throughs and even 360 photos on my rental listings. Additionally, I actually buy advertising for the listing. I purchase facebook paid ads and google adwords paid clicks on the listings. I reach thousands of prospects before many others even have a sign up. 

In my header bar you will noticed I placed a business directory to help landlords, buyers and sellers find the necessary trades for their needs. Additionally, I operate a crew of handymen, painters and carpet cleaners under a separate company. (My Mister Steamy Carpet Cleaning & Handy Hammer Home Repair are not affiliated with my primary work as a real estate agent with Exp Realty LLC.