I Just Love Working With Buyers....

and I have the worn out shoe leather to prove it. I’m often amazed at listings that go un-shown because of poor communication or lack of showing instructions. I can’t say I’m much on showing in January and Febrary but the rest of the year, I’m happy to go from sunrise to sunset. Showings are a bit of an art form, knowing which buildings allow weekend showings etc. 

More important than the walk about bit is what we do after we find the property you would like to buy. It’s important to make sure we know the numbers, that we’ve run all the previous sales so we can compare what the seller is asking to what others paid in the past. 

There are many steps from offer to closing. As a buyer agent, I stay on hand all the way through the process. There is no pass of here. I will make sure you’re on the timeline and contacted the appropriate inspectors, agencies, mortgage offices, banks, homeowner associations and all the other professionals who may touch the transaction along the way.