I am a South Jersey Real Estate agent with Exp Realty. I work as a sole agent, there’s no crazy teams so the buck stops with me. I truly enjoy the marketing aspect of a listing. It’s like a double dare to see how many people I can reach with my listings. No marketing stone goes unturned.  On the showing side, I pride myself on wearing out shoe leather. You want to see it, I’m in. I try to stay out in the field more than behind a desk and as such I see things…sometimes it’s a restaurant, sometimes it a paint color and things that catch my eye about our industry, our homes and community so this is my page where I tend to put them on paper. I work as a real estate agent but I’m very involved in addition aspects of housing upkeep, so I try to share those ideas.  I try to make them useful to homeowners and area residents. I look forward to working with you. 

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